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Caught between climate change and a fossil fuel-driven economy that demands ever more growth, the world faces a great transition (by design or by disaster) away from fossil fuels and to a less energy-intensive future. But what proven tools are available to aid in making a successful, deliberate transition to a sustainable future? For the first time, the power of permaculture design has been brought to bear on this problem. In the process, acclaimed permaculture teacher and designer Ross Mars has distilled his considerable knowledge into the ultimate resource for resilient living. The Permaculture Transition Manual is packed with information on permaculture design principles, soil building, and nutrient-dense food growing (including top plant and tree selections for all climatic zones). The book’s coverage extends to rainwater harvesting and irrigation, human waste management, and strategies for rural properties. It also provides a unique focus on applying permaculture to small urban spaces, for decluttering and efficient food growing. Mars covers hand tools, food preservation, energy production, and low-carbon housing, as well as a plethora of nearly forgotten skills such as soap making, basket weaving, seed saving, and rope and candle making. On the desert island of a world in decline, this is the one-stop guide to vibrant, resilient living that you'll want to take with you.

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