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Keeping chickens isn’t just a common practice on homestead settings, it’s also taking the urban community by storm. Whether you’re raising a flock in the suburbs or on a small farm, the articles found in Community Chickens Guide to Backyard Chickens will help you learn to keep and maintain a flock of your own.

From choosing a type of breed to making new recipes that use collected eggs, this guide is with you from start to finish. The special issue gives you an inside look on all things related to flocks, as well as providing you the opportunity to explore ideas such as: using your chickens to turn the soil in your garden, building a portable coop, discovering what a day in a hatchery looks like, making your own feed specific to your flock’s health needs, and more! No matter what your skill level is in raising chickens, you will want this resource for all your chicken-related questions.

Other articles include:

• Exploring Backyard Chicken Behavior: The pecking order is a natural and healthy form of communication that helps the flock establish and maintain dominance.
• A History of Geese as Guard Animals: Owning a flock of geese is also a great way to control weeds.
• Summer Success for the Flock: Keeping chickens during hot and sticky days can be tricky, but follow these guidelines and your birds will make it just fine when temperatures soar.
• Home on the (Free) Range: To free range or not to free range? For folks with a flock, that is the question.
• Hybrid to Heritage: Choosing chicken breeds for quality meat production.
• And more!

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